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Most folks agree that your dog is happy when his tail is wagging. Unlike dogs, cats often wag their tails when they are angry or upset, but it’s not always the case. 

Cat tail language is really sophisticated and can be an excellent indicator to your cat’s emotions. Here are six reasons why your cat may be wagging her tail: 

  • She Feels Confident – her tail is straight up, gently wagging at the tip. 
  • She’s Frightened – may wag her tail low to the ground. If your cat has an erect tail, arched back and pushed-back ears, she is showing that she is scared but willing to fight the aggressor. 
  • She’s Excited – tail is upright and shaking from the base up. 
  • She’s Annoyed – wags their tails back and forth when they’re annoyed. An agitated cat will flick her tail. 
  • She’s in the Process of Hunting – tail will swoosh back and forth when they are in hunter mode to mesmerize prey. You may see her leap into action soon afterward. 
  • She Feels Secure – your sleeping cat’s tail twitches slightly when you pet or talk to her. This is a sign of security! 

Interesting Facts. 

  • There are more single female homeowners in the US than single male homeowners. (Lending Tree) 
  • The average homeowner is likely to move 12 times in their lifetime. (Steinway) 
  • The most expensive residence in the world is Buckingham Palace, England. (Investopedia) 
  • 90% of the world’s millionaires became rich thanks to real estate. (The College Investor) 
  • Scottish homeowners have a common custom of painting their front door red to indicate they’ve paid off their mortgage. (Homes MSP) 
  • Secret oil rigs are hidden inside Los Angeles high-rise office towers and industrial buildings. (Los Angeles Magazine) 
  • 79% of Americans consider owning a home one of the greatest goals to achieve. (Bankrate) A number of my buyers have broken down and cried from happiness when I handed them their keys. 

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